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It is my aim to establish a positive corset image. Therefore I would like to inform as many people as possible in a competent way about corsets. I had a lot of work with and invested much time in the establishment of this website and I posed for the photos.

These are the reasons why I - in the following - determine some rules for the distribution of the material. They are meant to be copyright regulations, and therefore any infringement is a violation of my copyright, which can be punished according to law and order. Please stick to the following rules. This is, first of all, a matter of fairness, and I will keep up my work only if I'm not exploited!

A re-publishing of my site or of parts of it in the internet is fundamentally not allowed! As this would lead to inconsistencies and would be against the intention of the WWW which says that things should not be stored more than once. If you like my site, please include a link to it into your website. If you find a plagiarism of my site, please tell me about it!

This is valid for all other copies:

They must be clearly recognisable as copies from my site. This includes in particular that they must contain a link to my website and a short description

Private copies

Private copies are copies, for your own private use only and that must not be distributed in any form. Private copies are allowed and I expressly want you do make some, if this serves my aim to popularise the corset and if the above mentioned rules and regulations are followed.

Non-commercial copies

Non-commercial copies are copies, which you pass on to other persons free of charge. They are free and I allow you to make them, if in addition to all regulations that are valid for copies you stick to the following conditions:

Commercial copies

Commercial copies are copies, which you place on someone's disposal on payment. This applies also if you don't sell the copies alone, but sell them in connection with an object (i.e. as consulting supplement of a corset sale). They are at your expense, but I allow them, if in addition to the regulations that are valid for non-commercial copies you fulfill the following conditions:

Non-liability / non-warranty / exemption from liability;

I assembled the hints and instructions in this site to the best of my knowledge and I hope that they will contribute to make the corset more popular and an accepted female accessory for more and more people. In spite of conscientious work in establishing the site I cannot entirely exclude mistakes and errors. I therefore do not accept the responsibility and any consequent liability of any kind, that results in some way from the use of information or any parts of this site.

The reproduction of registered names, trade names, descriptions of commodities and so on in this site does not authorise you to assume that such names can be used just like that and by everybody. On the contrary: these are often legally protected, registered trade marks, even if they are not specially marked as such.

Thank you very much for your understanding and I hope to be able to offer you a good service in the future.

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